Forbes recently reported that storage capacity demand continues to grow at over 50% year over year, putting pressure on local, networked and cloud-based systems. Because of this trend many of our customers are constantly reviewing their storage architecture to determine how they can support current and future storage demands while controlling costs associated with purchasing, power and space. Strategies include upgrading of all devices to take advantage of increased capacities, moving to SSD technology or replacing back-up tape storage with cloud-based storage.

With any of these storage strategies the customer may have to deal with the IT asset disposition (ITAD) process. Hard drives and tape cartridges that are no longer required will contain confidential data that must be destroyed. The hardware devices that are being replaced must be recycled responsibly and, if possible, could be reused within the organization or perhaps sold to recover some value to fund the customer's IT budget. The challenge is to find a partner that can simplify the asset disposition process and hopefully solve both the data destruction and recycling issues.

Memofix has been providing storage focused ITAD services to our clients and delivering secure solutions for data destruction and remarketing of storage devices. Our services include:

  • A secure chain of custody customized according the customer's requirements and sensitivity of data. Our logistics management could range from a consolidation of assets that are delivered directly from your location to our facility via a bonded courier or a secure lock box that is transported via an armoured vehicle.
  • Detailed asset reporting upon receipt that documents all equipment so it can be accurately removed from the customer's asset accounting system.
  • Data destruction services that meet the strictest standards as outlined by Canada's RCMP and the U.S. Department of Defense. Memofix leverages our Data Recovery division to test random samples of storage media (hard drives and tape cartridges) and ensure our procedure is bullet-proof and the entire process is secure. The customer receives a certificate of data destruction for every batch of assets that are processed.
  • Remarketing programs that look for any potential channel where the displaced assets may have some remarketing value. Memofix can offer an outright purchase of your displaced hard disks or tape drives, and associated network components such as network racks, auto-loaders or libraries.
  • Recycling solutions that confirm which assets are recycled through a detailed audit report and a secure delivery to an R2 certified recycling facility.

Unless your storage devices are significantly out of date, 5 to 7 years old, there is likely some remarketing value remaining, either to be reused in smaller companies or broken down for service parts. Customers who routinely shred hard drives for security reasons may be giving up a potential stream of remarketing value that could be used to reduce costs associated with your refresh project. Memofix has demonstrated a high level of security so that our clients can trade in considerably more storage devices than expected.

When planning for your future storage requirements please keep Memofix in mind for your data security requirements but also to maximize the trade in value for your older IT assets. Whether you are displacing a few tape drive devices or hundreds of hard disks, let us help you trade in this equipment to lower your IT costs.