Memofix would like to demonstrate to all prospective manufacturers why we believe that we could be the strongest link in your Canadian service delivery chain. Memofix's experienced technical and management staff, easily adaptable shop floor along with advanced IT infrastructure makes our company an excellent business partner for your Canadian depot solution.

Memofix is based in Toronto, Canada's largest market. 70% of Canadian business and government organizations can expect delivery in 24 hours at a reasonable cost via ground delivery. We currently deliver warranty depot services and spares management for manufacturers in notebooks, hard disk and tape storage devices and other computer components. Memofix also provides returns processing and repairs for computer resellers and retailers, and we have a division focused on data recovery.

The value that we can provide to our partners includes:

  • In-warranty Repair Depot - All RMA requests can be managed by the manufacturer or by Memofix, depending upon your requirements. We process RMA requests and warranty repairs from resellers or end-users.
  • Repair Turn Around Times - We customize the repair process to support the manufacturer's warranty commitments. Units can be repaired using parts from the Memofix managed spares inventory or whole unit replacement for expedient service. For units that have been swapped, the returned unit can be repaired and placed back into the spares inventory or broken down into spare components.
  • Meeting Service Level Commitments - Memofix consistently meets OEM established service requirements and is subject to monthly reporting and quarterly audits. Customers and reseller partners in Canada enjoy a faster turn-around on repairs versus having to deal with cross-border shipments to U.S. based repair facilities.
  • Responsiveness and Quality - Memofix reports all service issues, including multiple warranty requests for the same unit. We continue to meet peak volumes on repairs and our commitment to quality means reduced customer issues and one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in North America (as rated by our manufacturer partners).
  • Reporting Capabilities - As part of the warranty process we track all defects found and parts used, reporting back to the manufacturers' engineering and product management groups. This allows them to be proactive in new system design, identifying problems with component suppliers and stocking parts to support all models.
  • Parts Screening - Selected Canadian manufacturer partners return all parts or whole units to Memofix before they are returned to U.S. operation. This has reduced defective returns to the U.S. by as much as 50% as we identify perfectly good components before they leave Canada. The product that is in good working order can be reused as part of the spares inventory, for demonstration units or sold as "manufacturer refurbished" units.
  • Global Solution - Through our partnership with the Technical Services Consortium, we are able to provide a global solution with depots throughout the world.
  • Spare Parts Management - Memofix can provide spares management for your Canadian customers and resellers. Our flexible IT systems can manage numerous virtual warehouses, serialized and non-serialized parts tracking, replacement to serial number parts tracking, multi-currency invoicing and other customizable features needed to support your organization.
  • Strict Environmental Standards - Memofix responsibly recycles all defective drives or parts through partnership with an e-waste service provider that meets Canadian standards for electronics recycling as well as ISO 14001 and R2 certifications.
  • ESD Standards - Employees adhere to strict procedures to eliminate the damage which may occur to sensitive electronic components through exposure to electrostatic discharge.

If you are currently looking for a new depot warranty service provider, or you are a U.S. based manufacturer looking to establish a Canadian support process for depot services, please contact us for a discussion of our capabilities.