Memofix technical services allow companies to extend their IT budgets by keeping existing devices running and avoiding an early replacement. If you have older or unique storage technologies in your computing environment then we can help you keep them running longer. Replacement of these older but effective hard drives does not have to be your only option.

We believe that there is no other repair centre in Canada that understands hard drives like Memofix. For over 25 years we have been providing hard disk depot services to the top manufacturers and can assist our customers with repairs on hard disk drives (HDD), RAID arrays, NAS & SAN servers and Solid State Drives (SSD).

Part of our advantage is our investment in the largest parts inventory in Canada - over 20,000 hard drives that can be accessed for whole unit replacement or for parts to return your storage devices to working order. Through our North American network we can access parts for a wide range of older and current storage technologies. Many of our clients use our services to maintain a perfectly good storage system for many years, reducing their replacement and upgrade costs.

An additional advantage is our data recovery lab. Located in the same location as our repair facility, our data recovery technicians can ensure everything is done to create a data image of your damaged drive and minimize the loss of important files or documents. There's no need to deal with two separate service providers in order to recover your critical data and to repair the non-functioning drive.

We are quality obsessed and customer focused. All hard disk repairs are covered by a 90 days Memofix warranty.