Memofix is recognized by their customers for their technical excellence in storage solutions. Through our services in data recovery, hard disk and tape drive repair and data destruction, we have a solid understanding of storage technologies. Our support of major manufacturers has also given us a trusted reputation in managing details, data security, turn-around time and quality processes.

This reputation brings customers and reseller partners to us for screening and imaging of hard drives, to support installation efforts or support their technical services organization. Memofix is able to assist in the management of a large number of devices installed across Canada, each customized with a software image. Hard drive failures needed to be replaced with spares and have the image reloaded. Defective units returned from various geographies must be screened and tested to determine if they were truly in need of repair and replaced if necessary. Occasionally data recovery services are needed where a hard drive has failed.

Memofix can provide the following support services and process:

  • All defective hard drives are returned to our service depot where they are screened and tested to determine any fault. Our process can increase the customer's yield on drives and reduce the amount of new purchases needed for spares.
  • If data recovery is required, our recovery lab will analyze the drive and, if possible, retrieved the information and forwarded it to the customer on back-up media.
  • Hard drives are repaired using our two decades of experience and extensive parts inventory. All repairs carry a standard 90 days warranty. Extended warranties are available depending upon the customer's requirements.
  • If a drive is not repairable it is properly degaussed and recycled to ensure security. Certificates of Destruction are provided for all recycled assets.
  • All repaired drives can be reloaded with the customer's specific software image and placed back into their spares inventory. This means replacement drives are ready to go when shipped and eliminates the need for a technician to spend additional service time onsite.

Our service depot can screen, repair, recovery data and pre-load a custom software image onto any storage device sent for repair, putting them back into spares inventory ready for the next service call. If you are managing a large number of devices and need a custom storage solution, please contact Memofix to see how we can assist.