Memofix, a leader in data recovery for over 25 years, provides data destruction validation for IT departments, technical services organizations or recycling firms. A data wiping/destruction process performed on a large volume of hard drives usually requires an audit by an independent third party to meet quality or certification standards. Memofix can provide those validation services.

  • Corporate clients who require all data destruction to be done onsite should randomly test hard drives to ensure that their procedures, or services provided by a service organization, are not leaving behind any confidential data.
  • Data wipe service providers can give their clients an additional boost of confidence by adding Memofix Data Destruction Validation services to their offering.
  • Electronics recyclers have to meet strict governmental legislation as well as protect corporate clients from potential liability. Memofix can help you gain a competitive advantage and fulfill third party audit requirements needed to obtain the Responsible Recycling (R2) certification.

Data Destruction Validation Program

Memofix will work closely with you to implement a data destruction validation program that will allow you to meet all corporate standards or R2 Certification, giving you confidence in your data wipe process. Our technical staff applies the same advanced processes used to recover important documents from damaged drives to ensure that your data wipe process is complete and that it is impossible to recover customer data from recycled drives.

Elements of this program will include:

  • Chain of Custody. Develop a logistics process that securely delivers a random sampling of hard drives to Memofix, with strict reporting of part numbers and serial numbers, maintaining the chain of custody to protect any potential loss of customer data.
  • 2-Stage Audit Process. All storage devices will go through a 2 stage data wipe validation process:
    • Stage 1: Automated Review: Using Memofix's proprietary software, the entire recording surface, including host protected areas (HPA), is checked for any relevant file system structures. Including: boot records, master file table entries used in Windows NTFS, file allocation tables and directory entries used in Windows FAT, Superblocks / Inodes for UNIX and MAC based HDD's, any presence of common file types as identified by file headers found in raw data.
    • Stage 2: Manual Review: A Memofix data recovery technician will manually review random portions of the HDD as an added safety measure.
  • Escalation - During the above if any data is discovered, the customer will be immediately notified.
  • Reporting. Memofix will provide a certificate verifying the details on each drive and validating that all data has been removed.

Why Pick Memofix

  • Memofix provides 25 years of storage technical expertise
  • Chain of custody is maintained through complete reporting, from the serial # audit through to final validation.
  • Our process is backed by a $1 million error and omission insurance policy.
  • Leader in storage device repair and data recovery.
  • All data recovery personnel have undergone and passed police security checks.
  • Promotion of common standards and ethics within the information destruction industry.
  • Membership in the Technical Service Consortium

Contact us today for a more detailed discussion of how Memofix can help you add an important support solution to your existing data destruction processes.