The end result of electronic commerce and online databases is that companies today are responsible for increasing amounts of personal data. At some point the media used to store that information - data tapes, hard drives, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks - will need to be destroyed. Government legislation, such as the Privacy Act of Canada or Sarbanes Oxley in the U.S., means simply tossing this media into the trash is no longer an option. Even if the media is physically damaged or shredded, data can be recovered by anyone persistent enough and that is a public relations and potential legal liability disaster waiting to happen.

To comply with today's standards of personal privacy and data destruction, companies will require:

  • Secure chain of custody, from your IT facility to ultimate disposal.
  • Complete data destruction to ensure that nothing can be retrieved from any media.
  • Detailed documentation that each unit of media has been tracked, data wiped and physically destroyed.
  • Environmentally correct disposal of all media to reduce the amount ending up in landfills.

Companies have realized that the poor handling of discarded computer equipment may result in sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. As a result they are looking for effective and permanent data erasure methods. Selling off obsolete assets and simple shredding and recycling are no longer good enough. Even organizations that have invested in degaussing equipment are now concerned that untrained IT managers are operating it incorrectly or that they cannot confirm the data destruction was complete.

Memofix is recognized as one of the top data recovery firms in Canada but over the past two decades we have also assisted our customers in data destruction. Our permanent data destruction services uses a degaussing process as a key component. Erasing modern tapes or hard disks requires some skill and knowledge about whether the media has been properly degaussed according to the device specifications. Memofix has 20 years of technical expertise on storage devices, both tape drives and hard disks. We also leverage data recovery lab to randomly test samples of degaussed media to ensure no personal data can be found.

The complete Memofix Data Destruction Process includes the following:

  • Documenting all media to be destroyed is critical, including the serialization of every piece of media at the customer's site and recorded prior to shipping to Memofix
  • To ensure a secure chain of custody any shipment should be packaged and sealed with security tape to verify that it has not been tampered with. Memofix will arrange a trusted courier to complete a dock to dock, pick-up and delivery.
  • All incoming media is logged and every serial number is recorded to verify what the customer has shipped.
  • All media is put through a degaussing process, calibrating the degaussing equipment to accommodate different media types or manufacturers.
  • Random samples of every shipment are tested in our data recovery lab to verify that no readable data remains.
  • All degaussed media is packaged securely and shipped, dock to dock, to our recycling partner for shredding and sorting into recyclable materials.
  • The customer receives full documentation of the process above, verifying all media received, destroyed and recycled.

Memofix can be a valuable partner in delivering a permanent data destruction process for your media. We can build a custom program to process your media devices, including data back-up tapes that are no longer needed or hard drives that have been replaced by newer technology. Our solution is cost effective by relieving your staff of data destruction duties and legal liabilities. Our documentation will provide you with confidence that all personal and corporate information has been completely erased and destroyed.