MEMOFIX has been providing professional data recovery services for Canadian consumers and businesses for over 25 years. We are Canada’s oldest and most respected provider of data recovery services. Whether you’ve lost your family vacation pictures, your businesses accounting software or the CNC machine code for your 22 year old aluminum spot welder, we are here to help.

Service Highlights

  • UNRIVALLED EXPERTISE: Memofix routinely recovers data from hard disk drives, NAS, SAN, flash sticks, camera cards, tape, RAID, servers, SSD, laptops, desktops, tablets and more. Complementing our hardware prowess, is an intimate knowledge of all current operating systems including all flavors of Windows, MAC, Unix/Linux, VMWare, and more. We are a one stop shop for data recovery.
  • NO COST EVALUATIONS: Memofix will diagnosis your storage device and provide you with a written quote for no charge. Your free quote will outline what faults we have found, what remedies we can attempt, how much it will cost and how long the process may take.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: If you approve our quote, we will recover all the data we can from your defective hard drive or other storage device. We will then provide you with a list of all the files we can recover and a separate list showing any files that may be damaged due to unreadable media. Only if the results are satisfactory to you, will we proceed to prepare the data and invoice you for the recovery service. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!
  • FAST TURNAROUND TIMES: With 25 years of hard drive experience we are extremely familiar with the problems hard drives encounter and the remedies to be followed for quickly recovering the data. When it comes to reducing recovery times, our in-house inventory of over 20,000 hard drives is indispensable. 75% of the hard drive cases we receive will require model specific parts and while most recovery companies must source hard drive parts from the USA, Memofix’s extensive inventory of hard drives eliminates wasted time waiting for parts.
  • AFFORDABLE: Memofix realizes data recovery can be an expensive proposition and we do everything in our power to keep our fees low. Our 25 years of hard drive & tape experience and instant access to low costing parts, allows Memofix’s data recovery fees to be the most affordable in the industry. Recoveries start as low as $300.

For more information on our data recovery services, please visit our dedicated data recovery website …