Partners HP, TSC, Tech Connex

Since the mid-80s Memofix has been a Canadian market leader specializing in the repair of storage devices, data recovery solutions and partnering with manufacturers as their warranty depot. Our company takes pride in the professionalism of and experience of our technicians and our process of continual improvement. We are quality obsessed and customer focused.

In 1986 the 20MB hard drive - that's MB, not GB - was just entering the market and Memofix was chosen as the national service and warranty depot for Seagate Technology. Over the decades we continued to partner with the top manufacturers of storage products because of our technical expertise and attention to process and detail. We have made significant investments in systems and personnel in the area of service logistics and returns management. Those attributes continue to serve us well in the delivery of storage-centric services to manufacturers, technology resellers, corporate IT departments and end-users.

As a company primarily made of engineers and technicians we are firmly in touch with our geek side and acknowledge that storage technology runs in our blood. But we don't lose sight of why we exist - to help customers get the most out of their products. "We are quality obsessed and customer focused" is much more than a marketing statement and every employee in our organization understands the meaning behind it. The proof is that year after year loyal customers continue to call on Memofix for standard repairs of storage devices, assistance with data recovery or ask us to create custom solutions to improve up-time and reduce costs.

Computing and storage technology has evolved dramatically since 1986 and has seen the rise and fall of hundreds of industry players who failed to recognize change or to meet the challenge of meeting emerging requirements of users or markets. For us it was a simple philosophy - stay focused on the customer. That's not to say we didn't have our share of challenges as we worked hard to determine where technology was heading, and how our customers would make use of it. But over the years we have adapted and today continue to support and work with our clients and partners to see where the technology will take us next.